Mangled thumb

Thumbs can become mangles in a lot of work place accidents, for this simulation a paper shredder was used. In this simulation several layers of the skin would be cut these would be the epidermis and just into the dermas layer. In this case blood vessels in the skin would be severed and blood would escape to the surface of the skin.
november 12 186
november 12 183november 12 182

Using grimas derma wax and fake blood
•Scrape a small amount of derma was out of the container using your thumb .
•Build up layers of was onto he thumb be careful not to distort the natural shape of the thumb.
•Blend out the edges of the wax using your finger to create a smooth blended effect into the real thumb .
•Take a tooth pick and mound the lacerations/cuts into the wax .
•Once happy with the cuts and their positioning fill in with fake blood . Blend a bit of the blood out of the cuts onto the rest of the surface to disguise the wax .

I did find it hard to recreate this mangled thumb effect purely because of the products i was using .As i have warm hands the derma wax practically just melted in my hands and it became very difficult to manipulate the wax around the thumb, I resorted to using a wax tool instead of my hands in the end and this did work out for me. I think that the overall effect i created was visually effective considering the difficulty i had. But i will look into other waxes that i could use in future to create effects like these.
Thanks for reading


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