Hi so following the Special Effects demo i had on burns, i have decided to try it out at home . Firstly i researched what i burn was this is a small bit of what i found:
Burns are a relatively common injuries that are result from exposure of the skin to heat , radiation , electrical shock or strong chemical agents . The severity of the burn (1st /2nd/3rd degree)depends on the depth of the penetration and total area affected (frederic 2010 p134).In this simulation a 3rd degree burn was created this is when all layers of the skin are effected and the burn is charred. After my research i decoded to give it a go here are the results.
first attempt :

from last laptop 260
from last laptop 277

secont attempt :

from last laptop 042
from last laptop 046
from last laptop 060

to do this you will need :
Using ; Latex, cotton pads, grease paints, and latex wedges.
how to do this :
•Stipple on latex on the area of the wound, but don’t let it dry.
•Split a cotton pad in two and layer them on to the latex, allow the latex to dry then peel off the excess cotton. Pull loose cotton away from centre to blend
•Stipple latex over the cotton, work quickly flattening all of the cotton down.
•Use the opposite end of an art brush push the cotton around , tear and re-shaping it . When happy allow it to dry thoroughly.
•Using Grease Paints, start with the red and add it to the parts of exposed flesh by dot it around , add light yellow and more red to the burn and blend around to create some oranges in the burn .
•Add some maroon colour for depth, then add in some browns (not too dark) to pick up the high points where the skin would of burnt and become charred.
•Using a latex sponge stipple on some black in areas. To create soot dust
•Finally, add KY Jelly or hair gel in some areas.to create an excess and seeping of water effect on the skin

This effect was time consuming but i did enjoy doing it . i think that in future i will have to think about the amount of liquid that would come to the surface to protect the burn and how i could create this using makeup as i think the second burn i did looked to dry .
thanks for reading


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