band saw accidents (laceration to the hand )

in my special effects lesson this week we were shown how to create a laceration effect to the skin . I decided to expand on this when I go home and decided to create a larger laceration effect to the hand. This would cut through all layers of the skin to expose the muscle underneath. As it has cut through the skin it would of severed blood vessels , veins and arteries . a sufficient amount of blood would escape from these to the surface of the skin . As the laceration is a large distance away from the heart the blood would be darker in colour and thicker. This is what I created .



To recreate this you will need :
Using morticians was ,liquid latex , GM wound filler , fake toffee blood , congealed blood ;
how to do this effect:
•Using wax tools scrape enough was . Manipulate into a worm shape .
•Place wax on hand and blend edges out.
•Apply two thin layers of latex over the wax wait for each one to try.
•Using a tooth pick or safe dressing scissors cut thought the wax to create laceration and manipulate the edges to get a jagged effect from the saw teeth.
•Place wound filler into the base of the laceration to create depth
•Over wound filler add congealed blood to pack the laceration in
•Use toffee blood for dripping effect and splatter effect

I really enjoyed do this effect as i got to experiment with different products in my kit to achieve the effect. I also think that in the picture the makeup created the illusion of depth to the laceration and this was i was aiming for on my first attempt . But i am going to look into how the blood would splatter on the skin so in the future the skin around the laceration will look more realistic .i will also start using a brush to apply the translucent powder instead of a powder puff as i think it will add a finer layer as the wound looks over powder around the laceration .
thanks for reading


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