sewn up laceration

So moving on from creating lacerations i decided to create a sewn up laceration. Following the same method as creating a laceration but this time adding an extra step by stitching through the effect . I had to be very careful when sewing it as i didn’t want to damage the effect or the models hand . When doing this i decided to add an extra layer of liquid latex to support the effect as it was been stitched up. I am going to use this in some upcoming work experience i am doing for Halloween. Here are some pictures of my first attempt at a sewn up laceration enjoy .

I think i was successful at creating this effect of a sewn up laceration . There are some improvements i am going to work on ant this is my edges. As you can clearly see the edges of the liquid latex . So i am going to invest in some witch hazel, as this will help to blend the edges of the latex into the skin .
thanks for reading .


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