Bullet wounds

The Special effects bullet wounds that are sometimes created by makeup are very different to the real trauma of the flesh. If anything it is similar to the exit wound created by a bullet if it even exits the body ,it would if it was shot at close range. On impact a bullet would penetrate all layers of skin muscle and tissue, puncture any organs it would come into contact with causing inertia beading and chipped bone.
november 12 195The makeup effects used to

Using GM pro wax , black grease paint and congealed blood ;
•Using fingers roll a small pea size of GM pro was .
•Squeeze the ball into a disk shape .
•Press was onto skin and blend out. Make sure not to use somewhere where there is a lot of tissue (the cheek) as it can be painful for the actor and blending can be hard.
•Stipple a small amount of congealed blood on and around the wax for a splat effect.
•Using an eyeliner lid press into the centre of the wax rotate and remove the centre of the wax .
•At the base of the centre place fill with black grease paint to create depth.
•Fill the bullet wound with blood and let it drip for visual effect.

Overall i think the bullet wound i created had a great visual effect. I decided to use a different method to what was demonstrated to us as a class, instead of using an eyeliner lid to push the wax out of the centre , i used the other side of the eyeliner lid and removed the centre of the wax then when i removed the wax , it had a tearing effect, I think it made the makeup look more realistic . I also used a new product called pro wax when doing this makeup, I think this is a great product as it is flesh toned and easy to work with , so I am going to invest and get some for my own kit .
Thanks for reading


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