skills test

Hi everyone , this post is about my first media makeup look I created for a skills test  , this look was titled  female warrior. I took inspiration from : rihannas ‘where have you been’ video and inspiration from the necklace I used as the head dress . I created a feathered eye brow look similar to the one  from rihannas video, as I wanted my makeup look  to have a strong brow to represent her strength and give her a hint of masculinity. BY taking inspiration from the necklace I used the colours gold, orange and brown for the colour pallet for this look . I also saw a tutorial on YouTube on  how to create the zebra look down the side of the nose which I used in this look .

Before I did the look in class I decided to do some trial runs. I developed the look  a few times unit I was happy with the final piece . I then produced  a face chart .

Unfortunately I didn’t think of the type of hair my models  had . On the application day  I had to adapt the hair . But you can see from my practice runs , the style I was intending on.

Thanks for taking the time to look


this picture is from one of my practice runs you can see the hair style i was intending to create hear


This picture is my final look i created in class



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