Bruises using Glynn McKay Bruise Gels

bruises are formed when something impacts the skin and capillaries in the subcutaneous layer of the skin or muscle fibers are damaged or broken. But does not puncture the skins epidermis layer so Red blood cells then leak from the capillaries and collect, as they cannot leave the body so are trapped in the layers of skin causing the red, purple or black marks under the skin that causes a new bruise.  After time the blood starts to rot and take on a yellow and brown colour this is called an old bruise and the tissue underneath stats to heal. You can use a Kryolan bruise wheel or Glynn McKay bruise gels to recreate a bruise both have a great visual effect to the eye but you would pick a certain product depending on the environment that is being recreated in.

This blog post will focus on using the bruise gels , In my special effects class we were shown a demo on how to  use Glynn Mckay bruise gels to create a realistic new and old bruise . At first i found it hard to work with these products but with  a bit  of practice i got the hang of it .But in order for the bruises to show up on camera especially the old bruise i had to apply quite a bit of the gels . this could create a problem when using them for TV and film .  Hear are some pictures of my new and old bruises using the gels .

new bruise :

from last laptop 387

Products used :

light red , blue and purple bruise gels

How to create a bruise :

With GM bruise gels apply light red in a random shape, tap a small amount of blue over this to add definition add a small amount of purple.

Old bruise:

begining of december 20121 009

products used :

yellow , brown, green , blue bruise gels

how to create an old bruise :

For the GM bruise gels apply yellow in a random shape, add brown over the top then green and blue for depth. lift any colour off with a wet wipe . lift any colour off with a wet wipe


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