Skin bases -dewy skin and flawless skin

Hi everyone , in my first semester we are getting to grips with the products used by makeup artists , as a basis for this course in my first set of lessons in media makeup  we were shown how to create different skin bases . We practiced a dewy finishes using mac face and body , and a matte Finnish using mac studio fix cream foundation. For my dewy skin look I had to make sure I was using completely clean and fresh skin , so I cleansed , toned   and moisturised the skin.  By doing this I could create a no makeup look . I also had to make sure the foundation was a really good match for the model so i tested different mac face and body foundations on the jaw line to find a good match for the models skin. I also concealed  any blemishes to make sure  the skin looked fresh had healthy  Hear are some pictures of my dewy skin look .

Thanks for taking the time to look


In class we were shown a tutorial on flawless matte skin. I then recreated the look using MAC studio tec foundation and using ben nye banana powder . By using Mac studio tec foundation I cancelled out all the colour in the skin so I had to use blusher to add colour back into the skin. I also added red lips .
Hear are the pictures of the final look
Thanks for taking the time to look


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