Gelatin Hypertrophic scaring

Hi everyone so this week in my special effects lesson we started making and using gelatin and we created the effect of hypertrophic HYPERTROPHIC scaring which is , when the skin produces too much collagen which makes the scared tissue raise up and creates a dark pigmented scar that in time can fade in color as the scaring settles over time. There are many different causes of hypertrophic scaring such as body piercings, burns and ache. Hypertrophic scars often limits the skins elasticity and become more sensitive to different environments.
I decided to do fresh/burnt scaring here are some pictures of what i created and how i did it enjoy :
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what you will need :
Gelatine , grease paints
how to do this makeup effect:
•Place gelatin in the microwave for no more than 20seconds at a time continue this process unit the gelatin is melted.
•Make sure the gelatin is at correct temperature before applying to skin so as not to burn the actor
•Using a finger apply to skin and by dragging it from the outside in to get a smooth edge but still create the raised up texture in the center. And leave to set.
Gelatin , grease paints
•Add the grease paint (Kryolan B Pallet) for color . began by adding a tiny amount of red to give the gelatin a pink tinge before adding a little amount of blue to create the illusion of veins under the scaring .

Next time i create this effect i will attempt to create old scaring, instead of adding burns to it as i think older scaring would look more realistic without the burns . I found it easy to work with the gelatin and i am looking forward to using more often in the future .


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