Special effects semester one final assessment electrical burn to hand

Hi all , so for my final; assessment for special effects we were briefed to create a scenario in which someone could harm themselves or others in the college or workplace.The final image would be used on a safety poster around our collage . I decided to do something new and test my skills i have learnt so far so i chose an electrical burn to the hand . As i was i improvising on what skills i have been taught so far this assessment was challenging but i wasn’t expecting it to be easy. But as always researching into electrical burns made it easier to create a realistic chemical burn , also coming from a student nurse background also helped as i have previous knowledge of burns and what they look like in the flesh .I did however use gelatin as a basis to build the finger up and create a burn effect . As you have to work with the gelatin fast some of it didn’t set as i wanted it , so in future i will look at working with a different product like wax . I think i did the right thing by choosing something changing as i learnt something new . hear are some images from my final assessment .
special effects assesment 019
special effects assesment 032
special effects assesment 045
special effects assesment 065
thanks for reading


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