Halloween party makeup work experience

Hi everyone , so last Halloween (2012) i was asked as a favor by a friend to do some Halloween makeup for her .The clients were going to a party dressed as characters from the ‘Human Centipede’ film. I was hired to recreate the special effects of the stitched up wounds on their face and the slit throat from the film. Looking back I would of approached this makeup differently with different products to allow more face movement. As I used wax and liquid latex to create the wounds there wasn’t much allowance for facial movement and the latex started to lift in the after a while . i think in future I will have to experiment more with the movement of products once they are on the face like sculpt gels or gelatine. But at the time I had limited experience with using a variety of products and was limited to what i had in my kit at the time .I was however happy with the initial effect and the depth of the wounds i created it looked really striking when i first did them .
I also created another makeup that night for another client attending the party, and made her up as a zombie . I was happy with this makeup as I thing the flesh hanging off the face looked really good and effective .
here are some pictures from the makeup that night , enjoy:
from last laptop 656
from last laptop 670
from last laptop 718
from last laptop 660
from last laptop 691
from last laptop 673
from last laptop 699
from last laptop 702
thanks for reading


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