Yorkshire Scare Grounds 22/10/2012

So back in October last year (2012) i was offered my first bit of work experience at Yorkshire scare grounds , to makeup the actors for their Halloween experience into zombies .Of course i jumped at the opportunity and was very excited . We were given a brief that the experience was a sanctuary that had been infested with zombies that roamed the woods and buildings, and people would be walking round the experience trying to find sanctuary from the zombies.
As the actors would be seen up close in person the makeup had to be very life like. But at the same time i was working with the limited skills that i had at the time as i had only been on the course for a short time. Considering the short time i had been doing special effects i am very happy with the outcome and the actors were more than happy with their overall look. I was also great to experience an actual makeup environment working with different people who i didn’t know and out of the comfort zone of the makeup rooms at collage. I did however learn that i cope well under pressure and in hectic environment, i took control of my situation and kept very calm and focused on what i was doing and within my time slots for each actor. I enjoyed working within the makeup team and enjoyed it so much i went back the following week to do it all over again.
Here are some pictures of the final zombie looks and the team of makeup artists , enjoy:

camera photos 18.11.12 101

camera photos 18.11.12 102

camera photos 18.11.12 103

camera photos 18.11.12 106

camera photos 18.11.12 105




Thanks for looking


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