Drug addict track marks

Hi all , so its a new semester at university for me and my first special effects lesson back we were shown a demo on creating track marks from injecting drugs ,as always i researched some images on drug addicts and track marks so i could recreate a realistic effect , i found that features like prominent veins , irritated/broken skin around the inner bend of the elbow and scabs from entry wounds were common features of track marks. Hear ar some pictures of the track marks i created :
phon feb 13 377

phon feb 13 378

phon feb 13 379

phon feb 13 380

What i used :
grease pints pallet b , rigid collodion
How to do this :

• using grease paints, exaggerate your existing veins to make them look more prominent.
•Then stipples red grease paint around the inner elbow where there would be irritated and broken skin .
•Add a small dot of rigid collodion to the areas where you want the entry wounds wait till the rigid collodion has dried then repeat four times so the skin tightens making an indents .
•Around the indents add maroon grease paint for a swollen and infected look .
•Add a small dot of black or brown grease paint to the center of each indent to add depth .

I found this to be a simple but great effect to do , in class as long as i just used a light hand as it could look too heavy in sections . Also i have had ridged collodion in my kit for a while and it was good to see how else i could use it apart from creating scares . I was a great effect to introduced us to a new semester .

This week i also was let loose on a skin illustrator and Bluebird inks . These are both new product to me and we used them to create track marks using the same method just using skin illustrator and Bluebird inks instead of grease paints , as this was my first ever attempt at using Skin Illustrators and BlueBird Inks i am very pleased with the finished effect i created . Both these products have to be activated using Isopropyl Alcohol which is added into each section of colour using a small spray bottle they are also not as heavy as grease paints so blend into the skins surface better creating a no makeup look . I must admit i did find it difficult and strange at first using them as i am use to working with grease paints But with practice i did start to get the hang of using them . and skin illustrator has a small time frame to work with before it sets . But when i go use to it i found I did find they had a better and more realistic look to the final effect . Here are some pictures of my track mark effect using these products :
phon feb 13 411

phon feb 13 412

phon feb 13 414

Skin illustraters are a bit more expensive than grease paints but they have a better staying power and are widely used in the industry so i am going to save up and invest in some form my kit .
thanks for reading


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