edwardian era hair and makeup

Hi all so for my first task back for media makeup i was allocated a team and an era to research into the icons , hair , makeup and significant events of this time . We then had to present our findings to the rest of the class and create a hair and makeup look to go along with the presentation . I was responsible for the makeup research and creating the look on the day and the icons of the era . I found it interesting to research into the Edwardian era, i used TV and film like ‘Downton Abbey’ and the ‘Richard Corson fashions in makeup’ (the bible for period makeup it’s a must have for any makeup artinst who is looking into era makeup ) . On the day of the presentation i also ended up been allocated the hair and considering i was not allocate this section to research and i had never done hair at this point i was very proud of the outcome . Here are some pictures of the final look enjoy :
phon feb 13 408
phon feb 13 406
phon feb 13 403
phon feb 13 402
thanks for looking


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