Hi everyone , this week in work based learning i was introduced to Photoshop , i have always wanted to use this program to edit my photos but to be honest i find it confusing and hard to use unless someone is there next to me telling me what to do . So i was excited when we were having a couple of lessons scheduled for Photoshop . We learnt how to make skin smoother , make the white of the eyes brighter and to define features like the lips . So hear is the before and after picture of Photoshop skin smoothing .
wpid-20121206_144850.jpgskin smothing image ruth fashion
As you can see it really does make a difference my model had good skin so its only a slight difference , but you can see it would come in handy to alter problematic skin and even dark circles to produce an overall great image . I really need to get to grips with this program as it really would help me produce a great final picture for my assessments . So as they say practice makes perfect and i think i will have to lone a book out of the library so i can learn more about Photoshop so i am not so scared of using it .
thanks for reading


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