1980s glam rock theater practice

Hi all this is just a quick post about my next assessment its based on the 1980s glam rock style , but for this up and coming assessment i have to adapt and ear look for a stage production . Mine will be adapted to look like a character out of the stage production rock of ages . I am mainly focusing on the hair aspect of my assessment during my practice stages , as the hair part is the hardest for me considering i have limited experience and skill when it comes to hair styling . I am attempting to create an hair style along the lines of these 80s hair styles :
rock-of-ages-729-420x080s-hairsyles-style-1images (2)

Taking inspiration from these era hair styles i came up with this hair style :
greek makeup 121greek makeup 117
overall i am happy with my first attempt but next time i have decided to do a different style .still using hot sticks for that tight curl so i can brush it out to create a lot of volume but for my assessment i am going to bring the hair all over to one side as from my research i have found this to be a typical 80s hair style and this will help make over all 80s era assessment stronger .
thanks for reading


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