Scar Trays

Hi all , so to go along with my bald cap for my final assessment in special effects i have created a scar tray . I have decided to create a tattoo that has scared from to tissue damage (this usually happens when the tattoo needle has gone too deep into the skin and damages deep layers of tissues causing it to scare , this can happen when the tattoo had been done by an inexperienced tattoo artist ) . i decided to create a tribal design that will go onto the side of the bald head . Keep tune for the final pictures. But for now here are some pictures on how I did it :
14-04-13 028
So i had to start off with a flat surface i used a sheet of thick glass ,( but you could use a tray) . I made my design out clay, I also had to build a wall around my design (make sure its higher than the design, so that the design can completely covered by plastering )this is to keep in the , so plaster that it can set to make a mold to cast from . I also had to make sure that the edges of the design were well blended because when it comes to applying this design i want it to blend seamlessly into the skin, so it looks natural.
14-04-13 02914-04-13 031
I then filled the area around the design with plaster and its advised to leave it to set for 24hrs .

I am still waiting to for my mold to set so i will upload these pictures at a later date . I have previously done scare trays in my own time and learnt from various step by step YouTube clips . But actually been taught it in class make me prefect making a scare tray/flat 2D cast(mold). I learnt that making sure the edges are blended makes it a lot easier when applying the final product .
Thanks for reading


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