Hair for media makeup

Hey everyone , So For this semesters tasks in Media Make-Up I am required to incorporate at least 2 hair styles that use setting – One set of rollers and One set of hot stick rollers . I also have to use one wig. This was something i really had to get a grip of as hair styling is vastly becoming a necessary skill for makeup artists in all aspects of the industry . At the beginning of this semester i was very nervous about how i would cope with hair considering i never really worked with hair before . But looking back i have learnt a lot and really enjoyed learning how to style hair for different eras.
So i had to start from the basic and this was learning to section hair this made me realise that working in sections instead of a full head of hair really makes the job easier. I really wanted to start with long hair as i think this made it harder but if i can put a set of rollers in long hair and style it out into a an era hair style then it will be easier to mid length and so on .
hear is some pictures of hair sectioning and a basic heater roller set :
greek makeup 010greek makeup 009
href=””>phon feb 13 439phon feb 13 438phon feb 13 437
I then moved on to working with heated rollers we used babyliss pro heated rollers in class , i must admit i found it hard at first mainly just because the rollers were so hot and i had to be quick to get them in. But after a few practices i have got faster and better at putting a basic set in. I feel much more confident than i did at the begging of the semester. I also had to learn how to style the set out, I had to get my head around brushing the curls out as for most of my era hair styles the rollers were just there to add volume to the hair so it could be styled . Mostly it involves a lot of teasing (backcombing) the roots of the hair to get a bit of lift and body to the style and hair.
The first style i tried was 1940s hair this was on my lovely model and fellow class mate Hannah, her hair was really long and typically women had short hair in this era so i had to tuck her hair under to make it look short. I can say i was really proud of myself from this first attempt as i think the style i produced was very 1940s. Here are some pictures of my first ever hot sticks hair styling:
phon feb 13 487phon feb 13 490phon feb 13 492

After i got a grip on the rollers i moved onto working with the hot sticks we used babyliss pro hot sticks i class , these produce a much tighter curl and there for more volume and body to the hair to style. I must say that i found it easier to work with these and less painful as they were not as hot on the ends like the rollers. You could also fit more on a head and therefore creating more curls. Hear are some picture for my first hair style from the hot sticks :
greek makeup 011greek makeup 015greek makeup 014
Over all i am very happy with my development in working with hair and feel i have become much more confident and experimental with hair that i was before . I still have a lot to learn in my own time as, this semester was just introducing us to hair and styling . But it has made me want to go away and learn more , i never though i would enjoy it as much as i have . So this summer i will be looking at short courses in styling hair and maybe barbering .
Thanks for reading


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