Poor Edwardian assessment

Hi everyone, So for one of my media makeup assessments i have to create a hair and makeup look for a poor Edwardian and rich Edwardian. This blog post will be focusing on the poor Edwardian hair and makeup, I had to make this makeup suitable for TV and therefor HD as all makeup for tv has to be suitable for HD viewing as no one wants to see bad makeup on tv and especially now it’s in HD .
Hear is some pictures of the overall look :
14-04-13 06114-04-13 057<a
The Makeup
As poor Edwardian women would not have worn makeup mostly because of the cost of makeup and just because they didn't have the time to apply it. I felt confident i could do this assessment well as i have previously been taught how to create a non-makeup look (using mac face and body with illimasqua translucent loose face powder and clear mascara) suitable for TV i just had to adapt some features for the era like the eye brows , were a different shape to my models . i had to take away the high arch that most women have these day and change it to a more natural shape without much of an arch . Due to limitations in my kit i had to use a dark brown eye shadow (mac concrete) to re shape the eyebrows so they were suitable for the ear and this made them look like they had been adjusted with makeup , but this was the only way i could change the shape at the time and the only way it could look as natural . Other than the eye brows i was really happy with the makeup i produced and from my feedback it was suitable for Tv as an no makeup poor Edwardian look .
Hear is a close up picture of the makeup :
14-04-13 06314-04-13 058

From my research poor Edwardian women especially maid just pulled their hair back into a low bun with a middle parting and hid it with a small bonnet like this picture below :
So for the hair i parted the hair in the middle them brushed the hair back into a pony tail then used a hair donuts and wrapped the hair around this to create a neat bun . I then covered the hair with a small bun bonnet, maid would of worn these in the Edwardian era as it was quick and simple to keep the hair tidy and out of the face this way . From my feedback my hair was styled historically correct and was very neat . Hear is a picture of the hair i created for this look :
14-04-13 06014-04-13 059
I was going to make my own costume from home but luckily someone from my course found this outfit in the costume cupboard at university, and most of us used it . I was perfect for the makeup i had to create.
Overall i think i created a historically correct look for an Edwardian maid that suitable for TV. A special thanks to Ruth Holland for being a fantastic model for me as always .
Thanks for reading


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