Rich Edwardian hair and makeup assessment

Hi everyone , Yes it’s another assessment, this time it was my rich Edwardian hair and makeup . For this assessment it had to be suitable for tv and therefor Hd viewing . From my research i found that Edwardian women wore very little makeup Mostly it was a little face powder to keep shiny skin at bay and little lip colour and small amount of blusher to the cheeks, but as this is for tv i will adapt the makeup . I decide to go with the non-makeup look with a very subtle base I used mac face and body foundation with illimasqua translucent face powder. I also applied a small amount of mac cubic blusher to add a bit of colour to the face so my model didn’t look washed out .I didn’t want my model to look made over so i added an small amount of brown mascara to open up the eyes and pressed eyeliner into the eyelashes on the outer corner to make the lashes fuller . I lined the lips with mac whirl an natural pink and applied a natural pink lipstick . I also adapted the eye brows to the natural low arch Edwardian style, luckily my model had a similar shape so i didn’t have to do much work just fill the eyebrows in a little . I am very happy with my overall look and think it looked very Edwardian/historically correct and natural and my feedback from my teachers reflected this. Here are some pictures of the makeup i created :
href=””>14-04-13 04414-04-13 04714-04-13 048
The only thing i was nervous about was the hair for this assessment as it really challenged my skills i had gained this semester from media makeup , i researched into the hair from this era and found that the women’s hair styles were heavily influenced by the gibbon girl illustrations of the era. The most popular style been the pompadours hear is an example of the style :
I first started by putting my models hair in heated rollers , this was to create volume to the hair so it makes it easier to style . I also slightly backcombed the hair at the roots as i took each roller out to add more volume as the pompadour style is all about volume on top of the head I decided to use a hair donuts and cut it to make one long strip. I then placed this just behind the hair line at the front of the hair and pulled the front section and sides of the hair over the strip to create the popular pompadours a high, rounded peak at the front of the hair. When researching hair from this era and the upper class women i found that at the back or top of the hair women would create extravagant curls or styles. so as my model had long hair i could use the curls created by the rollers to create a slight pin curled look with the remaining hair so that it looked like a rich Edwardian hair style . Here are some pictures of the hair style i created :
14-04-13 05314-04-13 05514-04-13 05214-04-13 050
For the costume i have to thank my friend Becky hill for lending me this great costume it was perfect for this Edwardian look:
14-04-13 040
I can say i was very proud of myself i didn’t think i would of been capable to create this hair style at the beginning of the semester .It shows how far i have come with my hair /styling skills considering i had very little skills and experience with styling hair. The only thing i would change was that i could see some of the hair grips so i need to invest in some blond hair pins. I was very pleased with the feedback as my teacher was very pleased with my hair styling and the overall look i created and said it was a great example of Edwardian makeup and historically correct.
Thanks for reading
Bex .


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