YMCA Bradford Work Experiences

Hi everyone , so over the past 9 months I have done three work experience with the ymca in Bradford .
My first work experience was back in October (2012) when i was asked to do some makeup/face painting for some children who were attending a Halloween party hosted by the YMCA at culture fusion in bradford . I took up the offer as i though it would chalange my people skills to work with children especially when they are exited and just want to play .I really enjoyed the night as i got to do all sorts of face paint and makeups for the kids and they really enjoyed it i even got to do some special effects bullet wounds with them . I was defiantly challenged as this work experience was more about developing my people skills and my ability to keep control as i was team leader for this work experience so i had to be organised and keep communication going within the .Unfortunately i was not able to capture any of it on camera sorry.
I also helped out at a second Halloween event in the YMCA’s calendar at their black hills party again doing face paint and makeup .This time there was a lot more children i would say around 300-500 children all wanting there face painted and with a team of just 3 we never stopped , but again i did enjoy it and i defiantly got to work with a lot of different people all wanting different things this challenged and developed my people skills and my organisation skills as face painting a few hundred children i had to be in control and organised. Sorry again i was so busy i was not able to capture any of it on camera .
After my work experiences in October i was asked back in April of this year (2013) to help run a class on tv/film special effects makeup for film school held during the Easter holidays they were running. So i went along with my class mate and friend Ruth Holland to conduct a tutorial and hands on class with the young people at the film school, I taught a class on how to make fake blood for tv/film using products they could find in their local shop and showed them how to create bullet wounds and use there fake blood they made for this effect . I also did a tutorial on how i created zombies like the ones i did for Yorkshire scare grounds last Halloween. I really enjoyed teaching the young people how to do these effects and they seemed to really get into it and enjoy the class . I am waiting on some pictures from this class , so i will post them as soon as they are sent to me .
By now i feel all these work experience have taught me to be confident in my work , take control of a situate when i need to and keep calm and professional throughout my work .
Thanks for reading


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