1980s Glam rock theatre assessment (inspire by rock of ages)

Hi all , so for one of my assessments this semester i had to produce an ear look suitable for theatre that incorporated a hair set and style out . As i am such a rock of ages fan i just had to do a look inspired by 1980s glam rock that would fit into this show. I decided to use hot sticks To set the hair style as i wanted to create a lot of volume in the hair as the 80s was all about big hair, as hot stick produce a tight curl this meant i could brush it out to create a lot of volume. I really could not of asked for a better model, friend and class mate Katy Leese she was perfect for this role as she has thick long hair and is an 80s rocker at heart. I used my new found hair skills , my knowledge of theatre makeup for lass semester and my research of the ear and inspiration from the stage production of rock of ages to come up with this overall look , here are some pictures of the look , enjoy:
greek makeup 151greek makeup 148greek makeup 149greek makeup 147<a greek makeup 146greek makeup 153

I am really happy from the outcome of this assessment as i really wanted to succeed , and i think i did . I took into consideration not only the hair and makeup but also the costume as i felt it was important to create and overall visual for this assessment , i think it really paid off in the final photos and make the makeup and hair stronger . I think my in depth research and knowledge really make this assessment strong and hopeful it shown in the final look There really is not much i would want to change about the final look apart from a stronger contour and highlighter as it was a stage look but other than that i think i created a strong piece of work . I am really happy with the outcome.
thanks for reading


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