Bald caps using cap plastic

Hi everyone so as part of my special effects final assessment i have to make and apply a bald cap but i have to create a character that incorporated a bald head . I found making my bald cap very tedious and there is a lot of waiting around for each layer of cap plastic (but i have found out you can also use liquid latex), i also had to make sure i was in a well-ventilated room as cap plastic has a very strong smell to it and without ventilating the fumes it can be harmful to people’s health .
i was also shown how to measure someone for a bald cap by using Clingfilm and sellotape and then marking where the hair line would be and where i would want the bald cap to finish on the back of the neck. I have yet to be shown how to translate these measurements to create a bald cap to specifically fit someone . So instead i created a bald cap using a plastic head and painting the cap plastic on . I had to paint on 8 layers all with intervals of around 10 minutes to enable the layers to dry , i also had to paint layers first in back to front motion and then the next layer from side to side and so on , whilst powdering in-between . The trick is to paint it in a striped motion so there is an even coverage . Hear are some pictures from the process and the final product:
greek makeup 128greek makeup 129greek makeup 130

I did learn a lot from this as beforehand i had no idea how long , how much work goes into creating a bald cap and the skill involved . I am happy with my first attempt and it is defiantly good enough to use in my assessment . In future i will have to practice how to get an even coverage as some of my stripes overlapped on layers and this built up to make the bald cap uneven in places and causing week spots so i will have to be carful when i apply it to my model . So keep in tune my final look will be up around the 3rd May when i complete my assessment
thanks for reading


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