Pattern Making and Knotting for Postiche

Hi everyone so un my second year of media makeup i am been taught prosthetic and how and where it is used in the media industry . Prosthetic is a term used to describe any form of fake hair. Knotting is a skill to attach hair to a piece of net that is then used to make facial hair and high end wigs. In my first prosthetic lesson we learnt how to make a pattern for facial hair as well as an introduction onhow to knot hair onto netting. Below are the methods for both pattern making and knotting as well as pictures of what i did.

Products needed
Cling Film
Permanent Marker
Sticky Tape

Using cling film place a piece over the jaw making sure it goes under the nose and chin and also making sure it goes ear to ear. Once you have the cling film is in the right place get the model to hold it in place and apply sticky tape to mold the cling film into place so the when it is taken of it is the shape of the models jaw.
After applying the sticky tape, take a permanent marker and mark out where the nostrils are ( to give an indicator where to facial patter will line up) as well as marking out the outline of the lips.
face casting and postce practive 295
With sticky tape cover the marker to protect it from rubbing off.
face casting and postce practive 296
Take the cling film face mold of the face and cut off any excess cling film that is not covered by sticky tape.
Draw on the shape of the mustache you want and cut it out
face casting and postce practive 297
Once the shape of the mustache is cut out you are the ready to make your mustache.
face casting and postce practive 298

Products needed
Wooden Board
Black Card
Sticky Tape
Small Pins
Small Hammer


Pin a piece of lace/netting to a block, to ensure it is stable pin every half centimeterface casting and postce practive 300face casting and postce practive 303

Hold hook in your dominate hand, like a pencil
Fold about 10 hairs over at the root end, fold over around 4 cm and hold tightly
Slide hook under 1 bar of lace/netting
Hook the hair over the hook to catch a couple of hairs
After catching pull the hook back under the bar bringing the hair with it keeping a good tension.
Slide the loop of hair to the corner or curve of the hook and slide the hook forward.
Pull the hook with the hair back towards you hand, wrap the hair in your hand over the top of the needle.
Turn the hook away form you
Pull the hair that you just wrapped,through the loop you first made
Pull hair part way, tighten the knot with your left hand and pull the rest of the hair through with your right.

It took me just over a few hours of constantly trying to knot some hair but i eventually got the technique and hear is my result of a weekends practice .
facial hair 001
At first i found knotting really really hard and i got very frustrated that i just couldn’t get the hang of it . So i decided to take my knotting board home and practice over the weekend , and thankfully after a good few hours of trying it finally clicked.I have been practicing my technique over this weekend and now have run out of hair until i go into university next , but i think i have got the basic technique mastered.

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