Over the past week i have been preparing and working on a local charity fashion show called urban angels . I am really excited as this will be the first fashion show i will work on and also they are raising money for some charities that i support and that are close to me like HOPE .
I was asked to participate in this show just over a week ago , we met up a few days before the show to meet the rest of the makeup team and organise what makeup looks the producer wanted for each section of the show . As this is a local charity show i didn’t think it would be a big event . i was really wrong i was surprised at how big the event was . The event is held by a local church in Bradford ever year but the life church is not a normal church it is more like a concert hall when you are in there. Me and a friend of mine katy was asked to take a section based around high fashion and the colour green , we was over the moon as there was one of the more creative sections so we could do something different with the makeup . And some of the models in this section were stunning and trained models so they really carried the overall look with confidence. We also went to the rehearsal so we could see what kind of lighting the models are under and how strong the makeup would need to be. Here are some of the pictures from the rehearsal:
. So when we collaborated with the producers of the show and the rest of the makeup team , we decided on a green Smokey eye to blend in with the theme and a red lip with green gems around the eyes , the makeup look was quite theatrical so it could be seen from a distance as the show was held in a very big venue . When we arrived on the day everything was set up and ready to go , me and katy finished our models makeup early so we also helped out other makeup artists with their sections . Hear is some final pictures from mine and katys green section and some of the looks on the catwalk :
urban angels fashion show 042urban angels fashion show 041urban angels fashion show 044urban angels fashion show 034urban angels fashion show 037urban angels fashion show 03620131025_19413720131025_194122

For this been my first fashion show i was really pleased with the makeup i did , and how organised we were . I can honestly say this was a great experience as the makeup team and models were really friendly and supportive and i was so pleased that i could be part of this fantastic event to raise money for some fantastic charities . This was also the first time I have worked on darker skin tones so I was really proud of myself for stepping up to the challenge as I wasn’t particularly confident in doing this before . I have already signed myself up to be part of it next year .


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