Hi everyone so this week myself and a few other students from the class were asked to take part in a fashion show in central Leeds. The ‘We Heart Leeds’ is a charity fashion show took place on the 8th of November to raise money for ’The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund’ which is a fantastic charity as it is an area that needs a lot of funding especial for the hospitals around Yorkshire . It was a fantastic event and had a really good turnout. As we were asked quit last minute we did not have time to attend a meeting before the fashion show to get a briefing for the makeup . Although we were still all organised as there was a head make-up artist there to explain and direct us on the theme for the show. So for the makeup ,we were all asked to do the same look as it suited all the different collections that was on show that night . We were asked to create a smoky eye with a hint of blue in the center of the lid. For the lips we used deep red shades to create a dramatic overall look. So to create this i used : The Body Shop tea tree primer ,MAC face and body to give a natural finish, Illamasqua translucent powdered to keep the models face free from shine especial under catwalk lights and to set the base . I used urban decay gravity lipstick (my favorite shade of red lipstick to use it such a lovely lipstick and very pigmented defiantly worth investing in ) I also used a black eye crayon for the eye base and them went over with a royal blue eye shadow and finished off with eyelashes . To contour the face i used mac matt bronzer . After we had completed all the models make-ups we stayed to view the show, which was great as some of the clothes were Gorgeous.
Here are some images from the show hope you enjoy them 🙂
On the night of the show the makeup team was based upstairs in an empty hall which had very poor lighting so we had to make sure that we sat the models in the best possible lighting which was difficult! However I was really pleased with all the make-up looks I did on the day. I just wish we would have had some better light as it would have made sure a huge difference .Also as we were not sure what sort of makeup we were going to be asked to do i took my whole kit and my hair kit , which i am glad i did as we ended up doing the hair as well . Overall it was a really good night and we all loved the experience and the over all look we produced for the show .
thankyou for taking the time to read my blog
bex 🙂


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