James greenwood demonstration on prosthetic coloring and application

Today i have a lesson with James greenwood, who has worked for tv programs such as Dr who and is a previous student at my collage came in to demonstrate prosthetic application for us .For today lesson James taught us how to apply our prosthetic pieces we have been working on all semester and how to color them . For his demonstration he used my zombie piece so he gave me some detailed tips on how to color my piece that will help me when it comes to my assessment day . As the edges on my piece were quite thick he showed us how to solve this problem by mixing together Pros-aid and Cabosil to make a filler that would help get rid of the edge and make a blended edge . He also helped me work out a color pallet for my zombie final look,as we went through my sketch book and looked at all the decaying colors and skin that i had researched . Overall this lesson has really helped bring together all my research and put it into context for my final look . I feel i am more confident to carry out my final assessment now . hear are some pictures of the final look James did with my zombie protective
20131206_131705 . 20131206_13174620131206_131904
thanks for reading
Bex 🙂


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