English rose Location Photo Shoot

HI everyone, i have recently signed myself up to a networking sight called model mehem where i can look for local and national makeup jobs like photo shoots and fashion shows. Websites like these are a great way to start networking with local models, photographers , stylists and clothes designers . Over the past month i have been talking to several photographers who have contacted me to collaborate on some photo shoots with them so it has been quite an exciting time for me . But due to my work load with university and the same with some of the photographers we have decided to collaborate in the new year when we all have more time . But i have been able to collaborate with one photographer , last few weeks for some shoots , lil autum is a local photographer that contacted me through this sight for a shoot based on an English rose . We emailed and discussed what she wanted me to do with the makeup , we met up on the day with the two models in Huddersfield in the .. park . we had to do the makeup outside that was a new experience for me but i didn’t find it difficult , i actually enjoyed been outside in the park it was quite inspiring . And after been cooped up at uni doing work for the past few weeks it was a breath of fresh air that needed to reboot me and my passion for my degree . We found a bench and a good spot with some good light so i could do the makeup , the only problem was having my kit on the floor and i had to keep it all my makeup in my case so it got messed up and sometimes difficult to find thing but it wasn’t anything that i could not solve and work around . Anyway i am hopefully getting a new makeup case in the new year that will be better for working on locations . We then packed up and walked around the park for some locations for her to shoot at, I can say it was one of the most beautiful and well-kept parks i have ever been in it had some stunning features like some Victorian style fountains and a beautiful Victorian green house where there was a coffee shop . I was really pleased with the outcome of the shoot and we got some great pictures, i am still waiting for the full edited photos So i will upload them as so as i get them back from the photographer
Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog
Bex 🙂


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