Edwardian man Postiche assessment

Hi everyone ,So as you might know this semester for me is all about hair , for my first task I had to design, manufacture (knot) and apply an facial hair postiche . For my design I chose the handle bar moustache for an Edwardian man character. In this blog post I will be showing my final assessment images along with the method of application and how to remove a facial postiche. Along with the products I used and an evaluation of the whole assessment.
My final images from this assessment :
bridal hair practice 035bridal hair practice 040bridal hair practice 042

Products needed :
Make-up : Matte primer- to be applied all over the models face and neck .
Moustache :
spirit gum
mild spirit gum remover (I used bond off by ben nye)

The first step to applying the moustache is to ensure the skin is grease free by gently applying a toner in a sweeping motion.
Next apply a matte spirit gum to the skin and tap it with your finger until the surface becomes sticky.
Once the spirit gum is sticky enough place the moustache into place and press it down with a damp cloth or sponge.
Once applied comb and style the moustache as desired.

Using a mild spirit gum remover or surgical spirit on a brush gently work away at the edges of the lace until each edge comes loose.
Gently peel away the moustache
Use the same product to remove the remainder of the spirit gum from the skin
To clean the moustache and lace use small amount of acetone that was applied using a ball of cotton wool warped in a bit of material (I used some old tights) and then dabbed on the reverse of the moustache
Then the moustache is ready to be reused , make sure to re block the your facial hair to keep it tidy and safe. do this using T-pins . This means you can also safely re style for when it needs to be used again .

Before we started knotting hair I though it would be really intricate and that I would find it hard to do, but after a few practice sessions I really enjoyed it and I found knotting very therapeutic . So I began to really enjoy making my facial postiche . I tried to make the knots as small as possible to make it look more natural on the skin. As i was mixing my own hair to make the colour of my postiche fit my models natural colour hair I had to pay attention to make the mix look natural by adding a few strands of each colour in each knot.I was surprised how quickly the moustache came together as I knotted in two straight 3-5hr sessions as I enjoyed the process and got a bit carried away each time i only had to do two sittings to complete it . I did not want to put any make-up on my model as Edwardian men did not wear make-up and I wanted my look to be historical correct . However I did decide on using a matte primer which would eliminate any shine which was beneficial when I take the final photographs.
Applying the moustache to my model was surprisingly easy as it fitted him perfectly as I had used the pattern I had taken of his face. I also did some research into how to apply a facial hair postiche and the different methods of using spirit gum . I found that by rolling a brush handle over the spirit gum it made the surface sticker and kept my hands clean ready to apply the moustache quick. Overall i really enjoyed this task and i would like to possibly continue hair knotting in the future .
Thank you for reading
bex 🙂


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