Hi everyone, so this post is all about my final assessment for special effects this semester, so i will be giving an overview of the processes and materials i used to create my final look .
During this semester we were asked to carry out several processes of face casting and sculpting in order to create a custom fit silicone prosthetic piece. After researching face prosthetic i decided to create a zombie look , so that i could compare my progress through my special effects work from the zombie look i created on a work experience in my first year of studies . But I didn’t want to simply copy the idea of a simple and classic zombie look so I decided to change my characters story and add the element of her teeth been pulled out and her mouth sewn up . I also wanted to research into how the skin decomposed and colour chance once the body dies so that i could get a realistic overall final look . Once I was happy with my character profile and research into the anatomy of the face I then sculpted my design, and carried out the rest of the casting process to create my prosthetic piece . I was initially pleased with how the piece came out but I noticed that my blended and smoothed out edges that I had initially sculpted were useless , as the cast come out as a full face and did not separate the two separate pieces. To rectify this in the future i will create a clay barrier around my sculpted pieces allowing the silicone to drain evenly creating a thinner edge for me to blend away on the skin. However i did not know this until i have made my prosthetic piece. Because of my prosthetic coming out as a full face piece, I had to cut the two pieces out with scissors and work on blending the edges directly on the face.
face sculpitn g 074
Once my prosthetic was prepped and cut to size I was ready to begin. I adhered the prosthetic to the skin using pros-aide which I applied directly onto the skin and onto the back of the prosthetic leaving out the edges. It stayed in place really well allowing me to then glue down the edges separately to get a better fit. Although the thicker sections of the edge of my pieces did take time and patents to stick down. And the section nearest the mouth did restrict some movement of the mouth that i would have to rethink the design or product i was to do this again. Once the pieces were glued onto the face securely I then used Cabosil which I had previously mixed with Pros-aide in the special effects studio. Whilst mixing the Cabosil i have to take precautions as cabosil is very harmful to the lungs so i had to wear a respirator to prevent the light fibres from entering my lungs and mix the two products under an extractor fan . ones the products were mixed the cabosil is not as harmful so i didn’t have to wear any PPE when applying it to the skin . I then used a metal spatula to smooth it over the edges of my prosthetic. This worked really well however I found I had to reapply the product to some places as the Cabosil does shrinks whilst it dry’s. Once that had completely dried I was then able to start applying paint over the top to further blend the edges. As I only have greasepaints in my kit I used a small amount of castor oil to make the greasepaints easier to work with as it allows the paint to glide smoothly over the silicone easily almost like the rubber mask paint. I also used Skin Illustrators to give the effect of different skin tones. I used a stippling and splashing technique to give a variation of tones to the decaying skin This method was really effective and made the piece look more realistic.
zombie final pice 013
I also created a stitched up mouth as could not make a prosthetic piece around the mouth to sew onto as this would completely restrict movement and breathing , I decided the best method was to pre make the stiches and stick them to the edges of the mouth using spirit gum . I think the final look of the mouth did show the stiches in a realistic manner that was comfortable for my model .
zombie final pice 005
Overall I am a very happy with my first attempt at applying a large facial prosthetic piece. I feel that by overcoming the obstacle of the thick edge to the prosthetics, it means that i have learnt more from this experience. And that if anything g like this happened whilst i was in industry i now have the skills to rectify the situation , whereas if this project had gone smoothly i would not have learnt as much . If I was to do this again I would make my prosthetic out platinum silicone encased in Glatzan (cap plastic) to make it easier to blend onto the skin thus creating a more realistic effect. I would also create a clay boarder around my sculpt and clamp my cast tighter to ensure thinner edges. Although this piece is probably not to industry standard is my first attempt and i am still learning . So overall i am very pleased with the final look . Hear are some final images of my zombie complete look :
zombie final pice 016zombie final pice 011zombie final pice 017
Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog
Bex 🙂


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