Freyja Norse mythology, Creative Hair assessment final photos

Hi everyone , So this semester was all about hair and for my final project I could go a bit wild and creative with some creative hair . So for my inspiration for my creative hair I used Freyja the n=Norse Goddess of love and war. I wanted to create something really striking and powerful to the eye whilst still holding the Norse roots of my character . If you want to find out any more information on Freyja hear is a link to a really good website about her and her role ad a Norse goddess that I used in my research :
I think I pulled it together pretty well, and I was really happy with my final look . So I just got my final images back from photographer Camilla Felgate. She has done such a great job with them im so happy with how they have turned out .If you want to know who the phtographer was she is called camilla Felgate check out her Facebook page to check out the rest of her work , she’s very talented.

Model:Kristina Pledaite
Photographer: Camilla Felgate
MUA, hair and costume : Rebbecca Convey

4_MG_8340 (2) me edit
Thank you for reading
Bex 🙂


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