Sculpting onto a fibreglass positive and flashing

Hi everyone so now i have got my fibreglass positive is it ready to start sculpting  , so its time to start getting creative . So i have drawn up some designs for my prosthetic so now it time to make my design into reality .

  • Before i start sculpting i look at my modes face and facial movement  and when her natural wrinkles or creases  gather. I then draw these natural lines onto my cast so when sculpting i can take these creases into account so my prosthetic will move naturally with the face .
  • I then began blocking out my desired shaped by applying small pieces of plasterline onto the cast  to create a thin layer of plasterline , this is so i am not creating a thick layer on the face and restrict movement . After this i began building up my design and blending out the edges again with small pieces of plasterline.
  • When i was happy with the shape i have created i was able to start texturing my design this will help create the illusion that the prosthetic is still skin . A good way to get soft texturing is by placing Cling film over the sculpt and using the texturing tools over this .This method is really good for creating pores , wrinkles and fine lines .  On my sculpt i have leaves and i had to create the fine lines you see on leaves to make my prosthetic look realistic . This method of texturing really made the fine lines look realistic .                                                                                                                                                                                                                          work experinace photos 402
  • To make  the edges as thin as possible i first blended them out with my fingers . I then used rubber ended sculpting tools to thin the edges even more . Finally i used a fine paint brush and lighter fluid to very gently remove the any extra plasteline (the lighter fluid dissolve’s the plasterline ). To do this i dipped the brush in the lighter fluid and gently removed the edges in a feathered design this will trick the eye and distort the lines between the face and prosthetic application .
  • The next step is to create the flashing around the prosthetic  sculpt this is to prevent any thick edges around the prosthetic .
  • A layer of Plasterline is applied to the positive framing the sculpt leaving a gap (roughly just under 1cm) creating a moat  effect around the entire circumference of  sculpt. When fibreglass is layered over the sculpt the moat will be filled making it tighter allowing the foam latex to drain creating a thinner edge as the mould will be tighter in this area.                                                work experinace photos 398work experinace photos 400
  • Make  sure to leave the keys clear from Plasterline as this would aid the alignment of the mould when casting.
  •  Once the flashing is  complete you are then able to move onto the next stage of applyign several relive agents . Before applying fibreglass onto the sculpt you  had to take precautions to stop it sticking to the Plasterline as this will make it hard to clean ager the top part is maid and it will also make it hard to relive the two sections .  The different layers of relice agent is the silver vinyl spray this all over the cast . Using a coloured vinyl coating helps identify what sections of the sculpt have been sprayed and what has been missed , then leave  it to dry for around ten minutes.                                                                                   work experinace photos 405work experinace photos 404
  • Spray  two coats of ‘Macwax’  each layer ten minutes apart as a furtherer relive agent                                                                                       work experinace photos 406
  • Now that the sculpt is protected you  can now move onto the next step completing the fibreglass mould .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The next stage will be coming up next week and we will be making the fibre glass topper .                                                                               thankyou for reading.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bex 🙂

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