The Mill work experiences

So i have been fortunat enough to work with the makeup team behind the channel four program the mill . If you want to read about the back story of this program hear is a link :

I was  so excited  for the work experience as period drama is what love to watch, and hopefully its where my careerer will lead me in the future. As I watched the first series last year on channel four i already knew what story behind the mill was , but i also did a bit more research just to be fully preprepared for the day . So on the day i had to be there for 6:30am as this is when the cast start in makeup ready to be on set for 7:30 so it was a really early start . As this was my first day ever on set of a tv production i helped sort paper work out for the characters continuity , make drinks for everyone , cleaned up the work stations and brushes ready to be used next time . helped carry equipment and general extra pair of hands around the makeup truck . I was just happy to be there and experience the team at work and see what happens . I was also fortunate enough to help out with dirtying down the background cast , whenever they needed touch ups on set . As it is based in a cotton mill certain scenes  also needed the cast to have cotton dust in there hair so i helped do this and remove it . So i was really happy that i was able to help out with the makeup . I learnt so much in just one day and by the end of it all i was on such a high ,so hear are some pointers that i learnt from this experience :

  • set etiquette
  • How to act around the cast
  • How to read a call sheet
  •  protocol and hierarchy of the makeup department and full crew
  • organisation skills
  •  time management
  •  team work
  • how to maintain continuity

There was so much to learn about been on set it was very overwhelming but i really enjoyed my time on the mill . For me it has confirmed that television make-up is where i want to my career to be . I also learnt i really need to learn how to drive soon as i need to be able to get to any location at any time , as i needed to be on set at 6;30am it was really hard to get there by public transport .Also by talking to the makeup artists on set i have learnt i really need to  take a course in hair dressing as jobs in this industry require you to have both hair and makeup skills . So i have alto to learn off of set too . Over all i think i did well for my first day on set and i have been asked back by the makeup department for a  few extra day to help out so i am so happy that i can go back and learn some more .

Thanks for reading

bex 🙂


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