1920s finger waves

So over this next semester in media make-up i am building up a portfolio of makeup to the specific sector of makeup i want to work in . For me i am unsure  so i am creating a broad portfolio including all my skills in makeup and hair . I am creating a specific section for hair and specifically hair through the eras . The eras i am including are

  • 1920s
  • male Edwardian  ( hand knotted moustache )
  • 1970s
  • 1940s

So for this post i am reflecting on my experiments of creating the 1920s finger wave . I researched the history of this and watches several on-line tutorials before even tempting this style . I did look very challenging but i wanted ton have a go at creating it . I decided to practice also on a hairdressing head so that i can spend my time on practising  , as i am sure if i used someone they would properly get board  after a few hours .  i did find it very difficult to do this style and i have practices over several lessons and in my spare time  so far and i am slowly  getting the hand of it . But i am finding it very difficult to get to grips with this style . hear are a few images of my practice rounds . I have realised i will need to practice this alto more before i attempt to include it i my portfolio.

hair for blog 009hair for blog 008hair for blog 007



Thanks for reading

bex 🙂


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