1920s finger waves

So over this next semester in media make-up i am building up a portfolio of makeup to the specific sector of makeup i want to work in . For me i am unsure  so i am creating a broad portfolio including all my skills in makeup and hair . I am creating a specific section for hair and specifically hair through the eras . The eras i am including are

  • 1920s
  • male Edwardian  ( hand knotted moustache )
  • 1970s
  • 1940s

So for this post i am reflecting on my experiments of creating the 1920s finger wave . I researched the history of this and watches several on-line tutorials before even tempting this style . I did look very challenging but i wanted ton have a go at creating it . I decided to practice also on a hairdressing head so that i can spend my time on practising  , as i am sure if i used someone they would properly get board  after a few hours .  i did find it very difficult to do this style and i have practices over several lessons and in my spare time  so far and i am slowly  getting the hand of it . But i am finding it very difficult to get to grips with this style . hear are a few images of my practice rounds . I have realised i will need to practice this alto more before i attempt to include it i my portfolio.

hair for blog 009hair for blog 008hair for blog 007



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Creative make-up and 1960 make-up photo shoot

Over the past few months i have been creating makeup  to build up my professional portfolio through working with different photographers . Hear is some  creative and 1960s looks created on a  photo shoot working with Georgian Preston owner of savannah rose digital imaging. Hear is a link to her site :



So hear are some pictures of the final edited images :

Freyja Norse mythology, Creative Hair assessment final photos

Hi everyone , So this semester was all about hair and for my final project I could go a bit wild and creative with some creative hair . So for my inspiration for my creative hair I used Freyja the n=Norse Goddess of love and war. I wanted to create something really striking and powerful to the eye whilst still holding the Norse roots of my character . If you want to find out any more information on Freyja hear is a link to a really good website about her and her role ad a Norse goddess that I used in my research :
I think I pulled it together pretty well, and I was really happy with my final look . So I just got my final images back from photographer Camilla Felgate. She has done such a great job with them im so happy with how they have turned out .If you want to know who the phtographer was she is called camilla Felgate check out her Facebook page to check out the rest of her work , she’s very talented.


Model:Kristina Pledaite
Photographer: Camilla Felgate
MUA, hair and costume : Rebbecca Convey

4_MG_8340 (2) me edit
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Edwardian man Postiche assessment

Hi everyone ,So as you might know this semester for me is all about hair , for my first task I had to design, manufacture (knot) and apply an facial hair postiche . For my design I chose the handle bar moustache for an Edwardian man character. In this blog post I will be showing my final assessment images along with the method of application and how to remove a facial postiche. Along with the products I used and an evaluation of the whole assessment.
My final images from this assessment :
bridal hair practice 035bridal hair practice 040bridal hair practice 042

Products needed :
Make-up : Matte primer- to be applied all over the models face and neck .
Moustache :
spirit gum
mild spirit gum remover (I used bond off by ben nye)

The first step to applying the moustache is to ensure the skin is grease free by gently applying a toner in a sweeping motion.
Next apply a matte spirit gum to the skin and tap it with your finger until the surface becomes sticky.
Once the spirit gum is sticky enough place the moustache into place and press it down with a damp cloth or sponge.
Once applied comb and style the moustache as desired.

Using a mild spirit gum remover or surgical spirit on a brush gently work away at the edges of the lace until each edge comes loose.
Gently peel away the moustache
Use the same product to remove the remainder of the spirit gum from the skin
To clean the moustache and lace use small amount of acetone that was applied using a ball of cotton wool warped in a bit of material (I used some old tights) and then dabbed on the reverse of the moustache
Then the moustache is ready to be reused , make sure to re block the your facial hair to keep it tidy and safe. do this using T-pins . This means you can also safely re style for when it needs to be used again .

Before we started knotting hair I though it would be really intricate and that I would find it hard to do, but after a few practice sessions I really enjoyed it and I found knotting very therapeutic . So I began to really enjoy making my facial postiche . I tried to make the knots as small as possible to make it look more natural on the skin. As i was mixing my own hair to make the colour of my postiche fit my models natural colour hair I had to pay attention to make the mix look natural by adding a few strands of each colour in each knot.I was surprised how quickly the moustache came together as I knotted in two straight 3-5hr sessions as I enjoyed the process and got a bit carried away each time i only had to do two sittings to complete it . I did not want to put any make-up on my model as Edwardian men did not wear make-up and I wanted my look to be historical correct . However I did decide on using a matte primer which would eliminate any shine which was beneficial when I take the final photographs.
Applying the moustache to my model was surprisingly easy as it fitted him perfectly as I had used the pattern I had taken of his face. I also did some research into how to apply a facial hair postiche and the different methods of using spirit gum . I found that by rolling a brush handle over the spirit gum it made the surface sticker and kept my hands clean ready to apply the moustache quick. Overall i really enjoyed this task and i would like to possibly continue hair knotting in the future .
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1980s Glam rock theatre assessment (inspire by rock of ages)

Hi all , so for one of my assessments this semester i had to produce an ear look suitable for theatre that incorporated a hair set and style out . As i am such a rock of ages fan i just had to do a look inspired by 1980s glam rock that would fit into this show. I decided to use hot sticks To set the hair style as i wanted to create a lot of volume in the hair as the 80s was all about big hair, as hot stick produce a tight curl this meant i could brush it out to create a lot of volume. I really could not of asked for a better model, friend and class mate Katy Leese she was perfect for this role as she has thick long hair and is an 80s rocker at heart. I used my new found hair skills , my knowledge of theatre makeup for lass semester and my research of the ear and inspiration from the stage production of rock of ages to come up with this overall look , here are some pictures of the look , enjoy:
greek makeup 151greek makeup 148greek makeup 149greek makeup 147<a greek makeup 146greek makeup 153

I am really happy from the outcome of this assessment as i really wanted to succeed , and i think i did . I took into consideration not only the hair and makeup but also the costume as i felt it was important to create and overall visual for this assessment , i think it really paid off in the final photos and make the makeup and hair stronger . I think my in depth research and knowledge really make this assessment strong and hopeful it shown in the final look There really is not much i would want to change about the final look apart from a stronger contour and highlighter as it was a stage look but other than that i think i created a strong piece of work . I am really happy with the outcome.
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Rich Edwardian hair and makeup assessment

Hi everyone , Yes it’s another assessment, this time it was my rich Edwardian hair and makeup . For this assessment it had to be suitable for tv and therefor Hd viewing . From my research i found that Edwardian women wore very little makeup Mostly it was a little face powder to keep shiny skin at bay and little lip colour and small amount of blusher to the cheeks, but as this is for tv i will adapt the makeup . I decide to go with the non-makeup look with a very subtle base I used mac face and body foundation with illimasqua translucent face powder. I also applied a small amount of mac cubic blusher to add a bit of colour to the face so my model didn’t look washed out .I didn’t want my model to look made over so i added an small amount of brown mascara to open up the eyes and pressed eyeliner into the eyelashes on the outer corner to make the lashes fuller . I lined the lips with mac whirl an natural pink and applied a natural pink lipstick . I also adapted the eye brows to the natural low arch Edwardian style, luckily my model had a similar shape so i didn’t have to do much work just fill the eyebrows in a little . I am very happy with my overall look and think it looked very Edwardian/historically correct and natural and my feedback from my teachers reflected this. Here are some pictures of the makeup i created :
href=”https://bexsmakeupbox.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/14-04-13-044.jpg”&gt;14-04-13 04414-04-13 04714-04-13 048
The only thing i was nervous about was the hair for this assessment as it really challenged my skills i had gained this semester from media makeup , i researched into the hair from this era and found that the women’s hair styles were heavily influenced by the gibbon girl illustrations of the era. The most popular style been the pompadours hear is an example of the style :
I first started by putting my models hair in heated rollers , this was to create volume to the hair so it makes it easier to style . I also slightly backcombed the hair at the roots as i took each roller out to add more volume as the pompadour style is all about volume on top of the head I decided to use a hair donuts and cut it to make one long strip. I then placed this just behind the hair line at the front of the hair and pulled the front section and sides of the hair over the strip to create the popular pompadours a high, rounded peak at the front of the hair. When researching hair from this era and the upper class women i found that at the back or top of the hair women would create extravagant curls or styles. so as my model had long hair i could use the curls created by the rollers to create a slight pin curled look with the remaining hair so that it looked like a rich Edwardian hair style . Here are some pictures of the hair style i created :
14-04-13 05314-04-13 05514-04-13 05214-04-13 050
For the costume i have to thank my friend Becky hill for lending me this great costume it was perfect for this Edwardian look:
14-04-13 040
I can say i was very proud of myself i didn’t think i would of been capable to create this hair style at the beginning of the semester .It shows how far i have come with my hair /styling skills considering i had very little skills and experience with styling hair. The only thing i would change was that i could see some of the hair grips so i need to invest in some blond hair pins. I was very pleased with the feedback as my teacher was very pleased with my hair styling and the overall look i created and said it was a great example of Edwardian makeup and historically correct.
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Hair for media makeup

Hey everyone , So For this semesters tasks in Media Make-Up I am required to incorporate at least 2 hair styles that use setting – One set of rollers and One set of hot stick rollers . I also have to use one wig. This was something i really had to get a grip of as hair styling is vastly becoming a necessary skill for makeup artists in all aspects of the industry . At the beginning of this semester i was very nervous about how i would cope with hair considering i never really worked with hair before . But looking back i have learnt a lot and really enjoyed learning how to style hair for different eras.
So i had to start from the basic and this was learning to section hair this made me realise that working in sections instead of a full head of hair really makes the job easier. I really wanted to start with long hair as i think this made it harder but if i can put a set of rollers in long hair and style it out into a an era hair style then it will be easier to mid length and so on .
hear is some pictures of hair sectioning and a basic heater roller set :
greek makeup 010greek makeup 009
href=”https://bexsmakeupbox.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/phon-feb-13-439.jpg”&gt;phon feb 13 439phon feb 13 438phon feb 13 437
I then moved on to working with heated rollers we used babyliss pro heated rollers in class , i must admit i found it hard at first mainly just because the rollers were so hot and i had to be quick to get them in. But after a few practices i have got faster and better at putting a basic set in. I feel much more confident than i did at the begging of the semester. I also had to learn how to style the set out, I had to get my head around brushing the curls out as for most of my era hair styles the rollers were just there to add volume to the hair so it could be styled . Mostly it involves a lot of teasing (backcombing) the roots of the hair to get a bit of lift and body to the style and hair.
The first style i tried was 1940s hair this was on my lovely model and fellow class mate Hannah, her hair was really long and typically women had short hair in this era so i had to tuck her hair under to make it look short. I can say i was really proud of myself from this first attempt as i think the style i produced was very 1940s. Here are some pictures of my first ever hot sticks hair styling:
phon feb 13 487phon feb 13 490phon feb 13 492

After i got a grip on the rollers i moved onto working with the hot sticks we used babyliss pro hot sticks i class , these produce a much tighter curl and there for more volume and body to the hair to style. I must say that i found it easier to work with these and less painful as they were not as hot on the ends like the rollers. You could also fit more on a head and therefore creating more curls. Hear are some picture for my first hair style from the hot sticks :
greek makeup 011greek makeup 015greek makeup 014
Over all i am very happy with my development in working with hair and feel i have become much more confident and experimental with hair that i was before . I still have a lot to learn in my own time as, this semester was just introducing us to hair and styling . But it has made me want to go away and learn more , i never though i would enjoy it as much as i have . So this summer i will be looking at short courses in styling hair and maybe barbering .
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Poor Edwardian assessment

Hi everyone, So for one of my media makeup assessments i have to create a hair and makeup look for a poor Edwardian and rich Edwardian. This blog post will be focusing on the poor Edwardian hair and makeup, I had to make this makeup suitable for TV and therefor HD as all makeup for tv has to be suitable for HD viewing as no one wants to see bad makeup on tv and especially now it’s in HD .
Hear is some pictures of the overall look :
14-04-13 06114-04-13 057<a
The Makeup
As poor Edwardian women would not have worn makeup mostly because of the cost of makeup and just because they didn't have the time to apply it. I felt confident i could do this assessment well as i have previously been taught how to create a non-makeup look (using mac face and body with illimasqua translucent loose face powder and clear mascara) suitable for TV i just had to adapt some features for the era like the eye brows , were a different shape to my models . i had to take away the high arch that most women have these day and change it to a more natural shape without much of an arch . Due to limitations in my kit i had to use a dark brown eye shadow (mac concrete) to re shape the eyebrows so they were suitable for the ear and this made them look like they had been adjusted with makeup , but this was the only way i could change the shape at the time and the only way it could look as natural . Other than the eye brows i was really happy with the makeup i produced and from my feedback it was suitable for Tv as an no makeup poor Edwardian look .
Hear is a close up picture of the makeup :
14-04-13 06314-04-13 058

From my research poor Edwardian women especially maid just pulled their hair back into a low bun with a middle parting and hid it with a small bonnet like this picture below :
So for the hair i parted the hair in the middle them brushed the hair back into a pony tail then used a hair donuts and wrapped the hair around this to create a neat bun . I then covered the hair with a small bun bonnet, maid would of worn these in the Edwardian era as it was quick and simple to keep the hair tidy and out of the face this way . From my feedback my hair was styled historically correct and was very neat . Hear is a picture of the hair i created for this look :
14-04-13 06014-04-13 059
I was going to make my own costume from home but luckily someone from my course found this outfit in the costume cupboard at university, and most of us used it . I was perfect for the makeup i had to create.
Overall i think i created a historically correct look for an Edwardian maid that suitable for TV. A special thanks to Ruth Holland for being a fantastic model for me as always .
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1980s glam rock theater practice

Hi all this is just a quick post about my next assessment its based on the 1980s glam rock style , but for this up and coming assessment i have to adapt and ear look for a stage production . Mine will be adapted to look like a character out of the stage production rock of ages . I am mainly focusing on the hair aspect of my assessment during my practice stages , as the hair part is the hardest for me considering i have limited experience and skill when it comes to hair styling . I am attempting to create an hair style along the lines of these 80s hair styles :
rock-of-ages-729-420x080s-hairsyles-style-1images (2)

Taking inspiration from these era hair styles i came up with this hair style :
greek makeup 121greek makeup 117
overall i am happy with my first attempt but next time i have decided to do a different style .still using hot sticks for that tight curl so i can brush it out to create a lot of volume but for my assessment i am going to bring the hair all over to one side as from my research i have found this to be a typical 80s hair style and this will help make over all 80s era assessment stronger .
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Hi everyone , this week in work based learning i was introduced to Photoshop , i have always wanted to use this program to edit my photos but to be honest i find it confusing and hard to use unless someone is there next to me telling me what to do . So i was excited when we were having a couple of lessons scheduled for Photoshop . We learnt how to make skin smoother , make the white of the eyes brighter and to define features like the lips . So hear is the before and after picture of Photoshop skin smoothing .
wpid-20121206_144850.jpgskin smothing image ruth fashion
As you can see it really does make a difference my model had good skin so its only a slight difference , but you can see it would come in handy to alter problematic skin and even dark circles to produce an overall great image . I really need to get to grips with this program as it really would help me produce a great final picture for my assessments . So as they say practice makes perfect and i think i will have to lone a book out of the library so i can learn more about Photoshop so i am not so scared of using it .
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