The Mill work experiences

So i have been fortunat enough to work with the makeup team behind the channel four program the mill . If you want to read about the back story of this program hear is a link :

I was  so excited  for the work experience as period drama is what love to watch, and hopefully its where my careerer will lead me in the future. As I watched the first series last year on channel four i already knew what story behind the mill was , but i also did a bit more research just to be fully preprepared for the day . So on the day i had to be there for 6:30am as this is when the cast start in makeup ready to be on set for 7:30 so it was a really early start . As this was my first day ever on set of a tv production i helped sort paper work out for the characters continuity , make drinks for everyone , cleaned up the work stations and brushes ready to be used next time . helped carry equipment and general extra pair of hands around the makeup truck . I was just happy to be there and experience the team at work and see what happens . I was also fortunate enough to help out with dirtying down the background cast , whenever they needed touch ups on set . As it is based in a cotton mill certain scenes  also needed the cast to have cotton dust in there hair so i helped do this and remove it . So i was really happy that i was able to help out with the makeup . I learnt so much in just one day and by the end of it all i was on such a high ,so hear are some pointers that i learnt from this experience :

  • set etiquette
  • How to act around the cast
  • How to read a call sheet
  •  protocol and hierarchy of the makeup department and full crew
  • organisation skills
  •  time management
  •  team work
  • how to maintain continuity

There was so much to learn about been on set it was very overwhelming but i really enjoyed my time on the mill . For me it has confirmed that television make-up is where i want to my career to be . I also learnt i really need to learn how to drive soon as i need to be able to get to any location at any time , as i needed to be on set at 6;30am it was really hard to get there by public transport .Also by talking to the makeup artists on set i have learnt i really need to  take a course in hair dressing as jobs in this industry require you to have both hair and makeup skills . So i have alto to learn off of set too . Over all i think i did well for my first day on set and i have been asked back by the makeup department for a  few extra day to help out so i am so happy that i can go back and learn some more .

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bex 🙂


YMCA Bradford Work Experiences

Hi everyone , so over the past 9 months I have done three work experience with the ymca in Bradford .
My first work experience was back in October (2012) when i was asked to do some makeup/face painting for some children who were attending a Halloween party hosted by the YMCA at culture fusion in bradford . I took up the offer as i though it would chalange my people skills to work with children especially when they are exited and just want to play .I really enjoyed the night as i got to do all sorts of face paint and makeups for the kids and they really enjoyed it i even got to do some special effects bullet wounds with them . I was defiantly challenged as this work experience was more about developing my people skills and my ability to keep control as i was team leader for this work experience so i had to be organised and keep communication going within the .Unfortunately i was not able to capture any of it on camera sorry.
I also helped out at a second Halloween event in the YMCA’s calendar at their black hills party again doing face paint and makeup .This time there was a lot more children i would say around 300-500 children all wanting there face painted and with a team of just 3 we never stopped , but again i did enjoy it and i defiantly got to work with a lot of different people all wanting different things this challenged and developed my people skills and my organisation skills as face painting a few hundred children i had to be in control and organised. Sorry again i was so busy i was not able to capture any of it on camera .
After my work experiences in October i was asked back in April of this year (2013) to help run a class on tv/film special effects makeup for film school held during the Easter holidays they were running. So i went along with my class mate and friend Ruth Holland to conduct a tutorial and hands on class with the young people at the film school, I taught a class on how to make fake blood for tv/film using products they could find in their local shop and showed them how to create bullet wounds and use there fake blood they made for this effect . I also did a tutorial on how i created zombies like the ones i did for Yorkshire scare grounds last Halloween. I really enjoyed teaching the young people how to do these effects and they seemed to really get into it and enjoy the class . I am waiting on some pictures from this class , so i will post them as soon as they are sent to me .
By now i feel all these work experience have taught me to be confident in my work , take control of a situate when i need to and keep calm and professional throughout my work .
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Hi everyone , this week in work based learning i was introduced to Photoshop , i have always wanted to use this program to edit my photos but to be honest i find it confusing and hard to use unless someone is there next to me telling me what to do . So i was excited when we were having a couple of lessons scheduled for Photoshop . We learnt how to make skin smoother , make the white of the eyes brighter and to define features like the lips . So hear is the before and after picture of Photoshop skin smoothing .
wpid-20121206_144850.jpgskin smothing image ruth fashion
As you can see it really does make a difference my model had good skin so its only a slight difference , but you can see it would come in handy to alter problematic skin and even dark circles to produce an overall great image . I really need to get to grips with this program as it really would help me produce a great final picture for my assessments . So as they say practice makes perfect and i think i will have to lone a book out of the library so i can learn more about Photoshop so i am not so scared of using it .
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Halloween party makeup work experience

Hi everyone , so last Halloween (2012) i was asked as a favor by a friend to do some Halloween makeup for her .The clients were going to a party dressed as characters from the ‘Human Centipede’ film. I was hired to recreate the special effects of the stitched up wounds on their face and the slit throat from the film. Looking back I would of approached this makeup differently with different products to allow more face movement. As I used wax and liquid latex to create the wounds there wasn’t much allowance for facial movement and the latex started to lift in the after a while . i think in future I will have to experiment more with the movement of products once they are on the face like sculpt gels or gelatine. But at the time I had limited experience with using a variety of products and was limited to what i had in my kit at the time .I was however happy with the initial effect and the depth of the wounds i created it looked really striking when i first did them .
I also created another makeup that night for another client attending the party, and made her up as a zombie . I was happy with this makeup as I thing the flesh hanging off the face looked really good and effective .
here are some pictures from the makeup that night , enjoy:
from last laptop 656
from last laptop 670
from last laptop 718
from last laptop 660
from last laptop 691
from last laptop 673
from last laptop 699
from last laptop 702
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Yorkshire Scare Grounds 22/10/2012

So back in October last year (2012) i was offered my first bit of work experience at Yorkshire scare grounds , to makeup the actors for their Halloween experience into zombies .Of course i jumped at the opportunity and was very excited . We were given a brief that the experience was a sanctuary that had been infested with zombies that roamed the woods and buildings, and people would be walking round the experience trying to find sanctuary from the zombies.
As the actors would be seen up close in person the makeup had to be very life like. But at the same time i was working with the limited skills that i had at the time as i had only been on the course for a short time. Considering the short time i had been doing special effects i am very happy with the outcome and the actors were more than happy with their overall look. I was also great to experience an actual makeup environment working with different people who i didn’t know and out of the comfort zone of the makeup rooms at collage. I did however learn that i cope well under pressure and in hectic environment, i took control of my situation and kept very calm and focused on what i was doing and within my time slots for each actor. I enjoyed working within the makeup team and enjoyed it so much i went back the following week to do it all over again.
Here are some pictures of the final zombie looks and the team of makeup artists , enjoy:

camera photos 18.11.12 101

camera photos 18.11.12 102

camera photos 18.11.12 103

camera photos 18.11.12 106

camera photos 18.11.12 105




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